Foreign Policy

Mapped: How China’s Internet Sees the Middle East Jan 12 2016

Map: China’s Stereotypes of Africa, from ‘Chaotic’ Somalia to ‘Awesome’ Gambia 30 Sep 2015

This Map Shows Chinese Stereotypes of Europe 20 Aug 2015

I Joined Senior Citizens in a Stock-Picking Class in Shanghai 9 June 2015

What will Happen to Uber in China? 2 Jan 2015

Why are Chinese Real Estate Ads Placing Malls on Aircraft Carriers?  15 Aug 2014

Mapping China’s Latest Supercity. 30 May 2014

Mapping the 4 C’s of Chinese Wealth. 12 May 2014

Captain America Conquers China. 14 Apr 2014

A Map of China, By Stereotype4 Mar 2014.

Why Millions of Chinese are Watching ‘Breaking Bad’.  29 Sep 2013


A Postcard from Bo Xilai’s Chongqing. 12 Sep 2013


The Subversive World of Chinese Bathroom Graffiti. 30 Aug 2013

Beijing Cream

Mao Glowers Disapprovingly at L’Oreal Customers In Changsha Department Store. 27 Feb 2014

Chinese Version of “The Wolf of Wall Street” Is the Blockbuster That Will Never Be Made. 29 Jan 2014


Asia Pacific Research Posts

Mythbusting the Chinese Megacity 28 Aug 2015

Rental Growth in China’s Warehouse Market is Slowing Down – Should We Be Worried? 10 Nov 2014

Hard Times at Fun City Tell Cautionary Tale for Decentralized Retail in China. 28 Aug 2014.

Retail Oversupply in Changzhou: Beached Whales Ahoy. 27 Mar 2014

Why China’s Mass Market Malls Should Fear the Rise of Online Apparel Sales. 16 Jul 2013

Bus Rapid Transit in China: Gaining Traction with Planners and Developers. 8 Aug 2013

White Papers

China 60: From Fast Growth to Smart Growth. (Co-authored). Mar 2015

China’s City Winners: 2014 Nanjing City Profile.  Dec 2014

E-Commerce in China Online is the New Black Sep 2013

China’s City Winners: 2013 Wuhan City ProfileJan 2013

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