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The sublime chaos of Chongqing

Of all the places in China that I’ve gotten lost in, my favorite might be Chongqing.  More specifically, its central district of …

Chinese stereotypes, in more detail

This post discusses the results of the China Autocompleted piece in further detail, with observations that didn’t make the cut for the …

China AC 11.1.14

Chinese stereotypes, mapped

Why does the western Chinese region of Xinjiang have “so many terrorists”? And do people from central Henan Province really steal manhole covers? These are just some of the questions that Chinese people ask about themselves and each other. Or at least, those are the questions they ask Baidu, the country’s top search engine.


San Francisco Masses and Voids

This being a China blog, I don’t intend to dwell on non-China topics, but since I went through the trouble to establish …