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Warner Brown


The sublime chaos of Chongqing

Of all the places in China that I’ve gotten lost in, my favorite might be Chongqing.  More specifically, its central district of …

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Mythbusting the Chinese Megacity

“A vastness you only expect to contemplate in science fiction.” Is the media overhyping China’s latest regional development plan?

Baotou - Cleared

From slums to moonscapes in Baotou

Late one February night, with temperatures nearing zero degrees Fahrenheit, I walked beyond the limits of Baotou’s old imperial town to explore one …

Europe Stereotype Map

Mapping Chinese Stereotypes of Europe

What’s with the British habit of wearing wigs? And why are they so fond of talking about the weather? These are just some of the common queries that Chinese web users have about the United Kingdom.


What prospects for Uber and its Chinese rivals?

A private driver told me “Didi Dache is still new, so who knows if the government might ban it later?” It’s a line that illustrates the difficult relationship that firms on the cutting edge of business innovation often have with Chinese authorities.


Day trip to Jiading

Shanghai is a big city, and the political boundary that defines the municipality is so big that it extends far beyond the …