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I am a researcher and writer based in Shanghai, China.  In my day job at a property consulting firm, I study economic conditions and property markets in China’s cities, as well the countries emerging hierarchy of cities. As a trained urban planner, I am also interested in transportation and sustainability issues faced by China’s city leaders.  As a longtime student of China more broadly, I am fascinated by this country’s history, culture, food, language, and more.

Outside of work, I frequently share observations on China in freelance writing for for Foreign Policy’s Tea Leaf Nation channel. My work also has been featured in The Atlantic, and I have written a few pieces for Beijing Cream.

I use this site to collect expanded versions of my published work (where editors permit), as well as some original writing on other topics of interest.

The site’s content naturally will have an emphasis on China’s urban development, but its themes will evolve over time.  Here are a few of the topics I’m currently passionate about:

Maps: China’s a big place and its easy to be overwhelmed by the scale.  Using software I learned in planning school, I try to use geographic data and maps to make China’s cities and other places make more sense.

Travel:  I travel through China whenever I have a free moment, often in search of cities off the beaten path (some day I will discover the Chinese Lake Wobegon…).  I’ll try to post my more effecting travelogues and photos here.

WeChat: I’ve got an ongoing project in which I accept all invites from strangers who add me using the proximity search feature on WeChat, China’s hottest new social media app.  I’ve already had a mountain of interesting encounters, which I will try to recount as I figure out the best way to express them.

Cooking: Currently I attend Chinese culinary school on weekends, in an attempt to bring my cooking skills from zero to sixty – or at least a gentleman’s twenty.

Feel free to contact me at wbpublic20@gmail.com.

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